In the Heavens by Faith Ogbonna and Anyikwa Chukwuemeka

Our place of dazzling unease and exciting mêlée.
Portray the exact converse of our dreamland.
Paradise is elegant.
But we are evil.
We do not hold on for such.
We ought to stand for what we necessitate.
Clemency is with those of harmony.
Heaven is typified by
Somberness in word,
True style in nature,
Vigor in devotion,
Everlasting compassion in prospect,
Stillness in heart,
Integrity in unrivalled class,
Smiles on faces,
No hate to know,
Forgoing all evil that makes the devil shock,
With love for all.
Our wish is for the sacred municipality.
Truth appears striking as a bride- the epitome of sincerity.
Now the dwelling plight is gone.
With the creator here, death and sadness and pain and dirge of the old order is over.
Novel is the season.
The law of The Fairness Pact is censure.
The Sun and Moon are no longer looked-for for light, for The lamb is the Lamp.
Dirt will not enter, lie no, hate no.
With no caged bird singing.
Only the names of The Book of Life behold Seventh Heaven


Writer II Induction

This is to formally make known to the Community of People all over the world that Thought and Society have found Ogunsanya Enitan Olalekan clear of all condition that is quintessential for induction into the Community of Thought and Society.

Ogunsanya Enitan Olalekan is absorbed as a Writer II.

Chief Of Words and Chief Executive Writer.

– Anyikwa Chukwuemeka


BLACK PRIDE Magazine is calling for submissions for its “POETRY FOR POLITICIANS Anthology” which is set to be edited by Adigun Temitope (Idealism), Olayemi Ayo and Phunso Oris.
The anthology is to be based on an X-ray of Political Climate. The collection is to look at both the positive and negative political issues in the world.

Submission is open to everybody regardless of age, religion, location or experience.

. Send maximum of 5poems and not less or more than 6lines length each.
. All submissions should be sent to .
. Your subject must be in this format ‘Poetry for Politicians anthology’.
. The body of your email must include: your name, your poems title, biography (not more than 100 words), your clear photograph and your phone number.

Your works will be examined by the editors of the anthology and if found worthy for inclusion in the anthology, you will be contacted for feedback.

In partnership with Speaking Pen International

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Ode to Gratitude by Anyikwa Chukwuemeka

Our life is a lease,
One to share with the ones we love.
Our life is a base,
The soothing ground for the flying dove.

Melodrama and Melancholy tunes are the friends of our now shattered thoughts.
They beseech thee like the sad sting of ingratitude.
The society would almost never see us for who we are but for the mess we become after they are done with us.

My thoughts are black,
Still neither does my love diminish nor lack.
Fellows of fair thoughts and just heart, hear my words and tell me your minds;
Know thyself completely or perish from within.


(A collaborative poem by,Wale Ayinla and Oki Kehinde Julius)
Insurgency soaked our land with blood,
Eyeball springing forth tears like flood.
Heart ponding fears of disharmony,
Tooth gnashing teeth in agony.
Will you swim through the pains that flood these lines?
Or swim through the flood that paints these land.
For your father’s vainness has brought upon your shoulder;
This unstoppable drought of felicity.
The blood of descedant lives, screamed from its grave,
As this flood washed away its soil.
Uproar and tumult became melodic,
As lingering scent of drenched valour, annexed the ambience,
Within the caliginious confinement pangs.
We once know African giant to be a pool of oil,
Voyaging milk and honey, with the canoe of its endowed resources.
When do its reservour begin to sprinkle out blood.
On our fated soil peace had once sat on its cradle throne.
Your former suave skin has lost its glittering;
The skin that once glowed in fame and wealth,
Now gives a twinge of wrinkle sympathy.
Your vein now lives on vain promises.
Did your mother ever tell you about your sisters?
Whose fame became famous on every newspapers.
Did your mother tell you, how they were weaned from the comfort of their peaceful homes?
To cohabit in the colony of armed sentries and warm sambissa beds.
It is not raining and their is flooding,
Eroding and washing away the foot prints of peace on our land.
Its looming eroded water brought to us the refuse of war and disgust.
Drowning our hope of surviving in the pool of panic and fright.
Who’ll help us to shut this flood gate?
From washing away the seeds that lies beneath our soil.
Who will kiss the neck of realistic decisions?
And rescue our fate from wallowing in the muds of insurgency.
Even if our land stake is chronically thirsty,
Cant it wait for a rain water that brings pleasure and comfort.
Why forcefully drinking water with the straw of insurgency,
When morning dew had not yet seized to,spring sprang its fluid.
© Okilux & WaleAyinla.