MUSIC by Deacon Adigun Temitope Idealism.

She is a beautiful damsel.

Her body is like a diamond,

Shinning like stars to all at once

One that everybody kills themselves for

Her eyes are like a blinded sight,

Seeing both the beginning and the end if evil seeds

Her voice is like a new born baby cry,

The cry that everybody wants to hear,

A voice that all always obey

She is a bank,

A storehouse that everybody want to save their money into

She is a businesswoman,

Everybody always want to invest their money in,

And that makes her the world richest

She is a goddess,

The goddess of fertility,

A protector of children and mother

In her followers’ house,

She fills with riches

She is a message between human and divine worlds

She chooses who to accept,

Who to be a slave to in her kingdom,

She chooses who to make happy,

And who to make a great man

She is an Oracle,

Who stands at the gate of the temple

Bringing in souls as sacrifice to her world

She is a gladiator,

Her battle,

All want to watch

She fights day and night…

In her domain,

With blood all over her face

She is like a rainbow,

Attractive to all,

Representing a Chameleon and a snake

Changing her lovers from good to bad

“Till loved by all

She is a rain to all

An aid to the growth if plant

She acts like a virgin,

With white attires always on her body

She open gates to the underworld,

For new souls

She is a twins,

Who gives her twin sister; Money to anyone that worship her in truth

She is a shell in the beach

The foam of the waves

She is like ‘Onile’,

The princess that everyone need to greet first in a ceremony

She is like the creation of the universe,

No one know its beginning

Neither would they know its end

©2015 Adigun Temitope Idealism

All right reserved


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