Victims of Legitimate Loot by Chinonso Iroegbu

Rogued  Canvass- the amalgamation in one cage
Strangers are privileged to deny us our Land- our identity
Greedy kleptomaniacs, rulers who are outraged with insatiable appetite for naira wads
Our high chiefs are quiet and blind and conceited and deceitful

We seek Freedom – we help seeker
We’re blessed with resources
Legitimate burglars becomes our state-keeper
We now starve in our paradise.

Who will we run to for rescue
When sodom collapse?
Along the boulevards of misery we queue
Our goods sales out in auction price

We are abandoned while our wealth is  being exploited by high ranking thieves, who are mandated.
Freedom! Freedom! Freedom! We Cry Out
We can govern ourselves – well mannered touts!

We’re imposed upon
Our rights encroached on
Freedom! We shout like one who’s drowning
Yet they deaf and dumb over our plight and poignant
Heavy tears are falling
From our swollen eye bags and our souls indignant.


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