To Love You πŸ’– πŸ’˜ πŸ’— ❀ (an essay)

Our hearts have been made lonely. Our deeds are not revered. We try as much as we can yet all we do seem gruesome.
A story of love, a story of hate and the story of broken hearts loudly vibrate my ear drums. My friends andΒ  I have sleepless nights for the ungrateful gestures shown. The kind-hearted beech of love we show thee.
Attention, real and true, time and resources do we sacrifice for these ingrates yet they desire the phony men.
I have been in love and so have you dear reader. Here my words, my agitation, my plight, my prayers, my plea that everything that I have held dear has been taken away.
I took you in heart, my angel, I bonded with thee, my everything I gave you. My life, I am willing to lay down for you. What more can I do but to love you.
I love you


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