Thoughts of Love by Anyikwa Chukwuemeka

“Some are born saying once and no more of this compassion I keep.
Some grow and say I would bond to the rival of hate.
Some endure the flaw strength of the heart.
Some toss it away like the die which makes the nameless.
Some weep at its factual manner for they are misled by lust.
Some think of glee when they are not bent to make happiness.
Some want the grace but cannot see the skin deep.
Some are revered only by the pleasures of vanity.
Some are troubled by the events of the pitiful tale.
Some put up deceptive gestures to be kept in spirit by men.
Some in great sorrow sob for the contest loss in the disc of blues.
Some try to remember all, others to forget all.
Some are deceived by the veil of good looks.
Some would never fathom the connotation of respect.
Some think thoughts of the heart can follow a designated blueprint.
Some are in dire straits for the jealousy of the unknown.
Some are in a quiet state at the august ground of peace.
Some breathe their last saying- I love you.
Some cry in death for the rude nature of their dealings.
Some are never reminisced in the afterlife, others are forever loved.


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