In the Heavens by Faith Ogbonna and Anyikwa Chukwuemeka

Our place of dazzling unease and exciting mêlée.
Portray the exact converse of our dreamland.
Paradise is elegant.
But we are evil.
We do not hold on for such.
We ought to stand for what we necessitate.
Clemency is with those of harmony.
Heaven is typified by
Somberness in word,
True style in nature,
Vigor in devotion,
Everlasting compassion in prospect,
Stillness in heart,
Integrity in unrivalled class,
Smiles on faces,
No hate to know,
Forgoing all evil that makes the devil shock,
With love for all.
Our wish is for the sacred municipality.
Truth appears striking as a bride- the epitome of sincerity.
Now the dwelling plight is gone.
With the creator here, death and sadness and pain and dirge of the old order is over.
Novel is the season.
The law of The Fairness Pact is censure.
The Sun and Moon are no longer looked-for for light, for The lamb is the Lamp.
Dirt will not enter, lie no, hate no.
With no caged bird singing.
Only the names of The Book of Life behold Seventh Heaven


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