BLACK PRIDE Magazine is calling for submissions for its “POETRY FOR POLITICIANS Anthology” which is set to be edited by Adigun Temitope (Idealism), Olayemi Ayo and Phunso Oris.
The anthology is to be based on an X-ray of Political Climate. The collection is to look at both the positive and negative political issues in the world.

Submission is open to everybody regardless of age, religion, location or experience.

. Send maximum of 5poems and not less or more than 6lines length each.
. All submissions should be sent to .
. Your subject must be in this format ‘Poetry for Politicians anthology’.
. The body of your email must include: your name, your poems title, biography (not more than 100 words), your clear photograph and your phone number.

Your works will be examined by the editors of the anthology and if found worthy for inclusion in the anthology, you will be contacted for feedback.

In partnership with Speaking Pen International

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