(A collaborative poem by,Wale Ayinla and Oki Kehinde Julius)

Insurgency soaked our land with blood,
Eyeball springing forth tears like flood.
Heart pounding fears of disharmony,
Tooth gnashing teeth in agony.
Will you swim through the pains that flood these lines?
Or swim through the flood that paints these land.
For your father’s vainness has brought upon your shoulder;
This unstoppable drought of felicity.
The blood of descendant lives, screamed from its grave,
As this flood washed away its soil.
Uproar and tumult became melodic,
As lingering scent of drenched valour, annexed the ambience,
Within the caliginous confinement pangs.
We once know African giant to be a pool of oil,
Voyaging milk and honey, with the canoe of its endowed resources.
When do its reservoir begin to sprinkle out blood.
On our fated soil peace had once sat on its cradle throne.
Your former suave skin has lost its glittering;
The skin that once glowed in fame and wealth,
Now gives a twinge of wrinkle sympathy.
Your vein now lives on vain promises.
Did your mother ever tell you about your sisters?
Whose fame became famous on every newspapers.
Did your mother tell you, how they were weaned from the comfort of their peaceful homes?
To cohabit in the colony of armed sentries and warm sambissa beds.
It is not raining and their is flooding,
Eroding and washing away the foot prints of peace on our land.
Its looming eroded water brought to us the refuse of war and disgust.
Drowning our hope of surviving in the pool of panic and fright.
Who’ll help us to shut this flood gate?
From washing away the seeds that lies beneath our soil.
Who will kiss the neck of realistic decisions?
And rescue our fate from wallowing in the muds of insurgency.
Even if our land stake is chronically thirsty,
Cant it wait for a rain water that brings pleasure and comfort.
Why forcefully drinking water with the straw of insurgency,
When morning dew had not yet seized to,spring sprang its fluid.
© Okilux & WaleAyinla.


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