GIVE ME YOUR HEART by Adigun Temitope Idealism and Anyaka Osmond


My background knowledge was based on knowing who you are
My foundation was built by my ancestors and there they are,
Speaking in shadows that touches the onus of our hearts
These hearts are now kicking to the sound of the love-gong

Here we are,
In the garden of love
Where unity stands at the centre of purity
In the garden of feelings,
Where hope and faith are hanged on the tree of solidarity

Give me your heart and I’ll share mine too
For your love has gladden my heart in two
It has stroked me like a cane
Plucked me like a fruit with protein

You’ve developed me to ripen in mind
Your love has pierced me like a pin
I will put your love on like a hat
Heart to heart,
I will speak with you in light
And even during the night
People will see and never go fright
Give this your heart and I will make you my heart sight

©2015, All Right Reserved
Adigun Temitope Idealism and Anyaka OsmondM


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