Dream by Adigun Temitope Idealism and Benjamin Nweke Agaz.

You are the MasterCard of my heart-bank
You open the entrance to my almanac,
Where the account of my desires lies for all to check
Your journey on something worth doing is like a Greek eBook,
Fills with different artwork,
That tugs at my heart even with a knock
We’re like two souls joined in heaven above sky’s Iceblink
Our hearts bound by love is misleading the public like the newspeak
Closing my eyes I hear what you say,
I shut my ears to the roaring of the voices
The oneness we became through all the hurt ad pain
Kiss me oh my dream! For my lips are on fire,
And you, my best friend is the object of my secret desire
You and I
Is the song I sing everyday
As I stand in silence
But I hear your heart
On a voyage,
Singing in unison,
Singing in harmony,
Singing to glue your song with my song
They never want us together,
But we’re forever
They can’t keep us apart,
We’re not meant to part.

You are like a glue that adhere firmly on the wall of my heart
Like an athlete on a hundred meter race always running through my mind,
Like a hook warm you cleave to my soul, its all good boring you within
Because you gave me vision and stoic focus in the serenity of the night
When the moon is dazzling white and the silver stars array in a mesmerizing patterns,
I conceive your scenario and enjoy every feeling that comes with it but
I fear,
I fear if you would ever come true
For the road to you is very slippery and thorny
Many I know have fallen on that road as they pursue you and they never gain their poise again
Now my optimism and pessimism are interwoven as I stand on this fence
But soldiers never compromise a war for
The fear of death; I must carry on
Oh! My Chi be my fortress and go before me as I pursue this golden dream of mine,
Plead to my ancestors not to bias against me
And my fear, I know I will overcome if you are with me

©2015 Adigun Temitope Idealism and Nweke Benjamin Agaz


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