Not Like Then by Deacon Adigun Temitope Idealism

Our fathers fought for victory
Like Apes,
Their mouth were locked with
padlocks Like lion’s gate,
Their hands and legs chained in the
sugar Cain farm
Not like then
When we live in an an unspeakable
brutality With wisdom our fathers free the land
Where are the glories?
Not like then
The nobility of the purpose of our
hero fathers were to set us free
But where are the sacrifices they made?
Not like then
When the intellectual ants are the
masters of clan
When histories write glories
But now histories are mean-spirited Not like then
When they send our heroes to jail
and political oblivion
They suffered more diatribes
At the hands of the feeble-minded
mediocre Where are our own heroes?
Not like then
Our luxurious prides are in the farm
Cutting the bush to eat
Burning it to plant
Not like then When our fathers are brilliant warriors
Fighting for peace
And killing for progress
Not like then
When we smoke ‘garri’
And end up with the statement ‘No food like this’
For we cherish what we have
Not like then
When we are retarded in progress
Development eat and dine with us
For we are happy in our homes Not like then
When we are not slaves to our
Not like now
We are slaves to invented machines
Not like then My grandpa whispers…..
Our dreams soars
But now,
Our dreams are stunted
And our imaginations are blurs
He echoes again, We strive for the stars
But we later became unsung
Not like then
We have an honest wife
Who create an honest family
When we live an horrible life Hawking in of joy of pain
Partnering with farming to be fame
Not like then
The productive generation
Not like this generation
The unproductive generation ever Waging blames on the productive
generation ever
I too belong to this finger-pointing
wasting generation
We never take blames for our shortcoming
We lives off vices and calamities
Not like then
When Wole Soyinka struggles top
play with words
Then if I lie I must die
When if I shy
I must cry
When if I did not speak the word
I would be in the world
If I’m killing like sword I’m odd
Not like then
When we never want our fidelity to be
Just to be a storytelling
When I’m not people’s chord For they see things that are not of
The Lord
When I practice democracy
To avoid hypocrisy
Not like then!!!!!!!!


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