Rejected Stone


Still in the same parlour of the Ayelabolas. Segun enters holding a big rope which he is trying to make into a knot.

SEGUN (Soliloquising): What is there to live for again. What is there to live for.
All have gone: my job, my career, my property, my wife and my only child. Everything has scattered before my very eyes. What is there to live for again.
(Throws one end of the rope on the hook and ties it. Places the centre table under the rope and stands on it.)
God, today you are going to receive an unwanted visitor in your domain.
(He puts the already tied end of the rope round his neck. Knocks on the door)
Who is that?!

CHIDI(Outside): Is me Chidi Njoku

SEGUN: Chidi who?!

CHIDI: Njoku!

SEGUN: ‘Iku’. Good! You are even here in time. Let me remove the table first then you can come in ‘Iku’.

CHIDI (Rushes in and see him): What?! Segun, what are you trying to do to yourself?

He jumps on the table and together they struggle for the rope. Eventually, Chidi removes the rope.

SEGUN: Who told you to come. Why don’t you leave me alone and let me kill myself.

CHIDI: That is the easiest way out of this world to the kingdom of Hell. Why do you want the devil yo rejoice over your life. (Come down) Segun, please come down.
(As hengets down, Segun rushes to the centre table again and there is a struggle. Chidi succeeds in getting him tothw chair)
I am glad that I came today looking for you as the Holy Spirit directed me.

SEGUN(Shocked): Holy Spirit?

CHIDI: Yes, Holy Spirit

SEGUN: That means that I am already dead and at the gate of heaven or hell

CHIDI: You are not, Segun. You are right here in your parlour

SEGUN: I can’t believe I am hearing and seeing correctly. You, Chidi?

CHIDI: Don’t let us discuss about my past. It is not relevant here. Now, I am a new improved Chidi in the Lord. I did that immediately we left the University. The condition which I met you is depressing

SEGUN: Its not my fault. I……I…..….

He shakes his head and bursts into tears.

CHIDI: There is no need for that, my friend. Be a man

SEGUN: How can I?! How?! When I have lost everything.

CHIDI: But not your soul. I have brought with me He which converts the sinner from the error of his way, save a soul from death and hide a multitude of sins. (James 5:20)

SEGUN: And who is he?

CHIDI: Jesus

SEGUN: Jesus?

CHIDI: Yes, Jesus. Look Segun, I will tell you more about Him after taken a shower.

SEGUN: But my wife and daughter………….….

CHIDI: Let’s go first. The Holy Spirit told me about them

SEGUN: Holy Spirit?!

CHIDI: Yes, Holy Spirit

As Chidi leads him out he starts singing ‘That wonderful name, Jesus’.

Watch Out for REJECTED STONE Scene Three


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