Rejected Stone

Written by
Adigun Temitope aka Deacon Adigun Temitope Idealism

Segun Ayelabola
Esther Ayelabola
Temidire Ayelabola
Joseph Kosonabe
Chief Beyioku Olowolagba
Chidi Njoku
Pastor White
Sis Shade

Inside a parlour furnished – Segun Ayelabola walks in with all signs hat he is unhappy. He removes his tattered shirt and a visible torn singlet is seen. He takes a seat and goes into very deep thought.

SEGUN (Calls):  Temi! Temi! Temidire!
(Soliloquising) Where can this girl be? I just hope she has not fine to Mama hide’s house to eat. (Shouts)Temidire! Temidire!!

TEMIDIRE (Within): Yes, daddy! I am coming, daddy!

SEGUN: Look at me, a graduate with masters of many years back. Retrenched with no job at hand. I’d this life at all?
Temidire! T..e..m..I..d…

TEMIDIRE (Rushes in): Did you call, dad?

SEGUN (Angrily): No, I didn’t call
(Look at her from head to toe and hisses) Foolish girl. Where did you go?!

TEMIDIRE: I was at Mama Jude’s house

SEGUN: To watch them while they are eating, hen?

TEMIDIRE: No, daddy

SEGUN (Mimicking her): No, daddy
Yeye girl. Like daughter like mother. Long throat

TEMIDIRE (Feeble protest): I have not eaten since morning. I am hungry.

SEGUN: Why don’t you come and eat me. Cm at out of my sight this minute before I vomit my anger on you.

TEMIDIRE (Still protesting): Then I will go back to Mama Jude’s house.

SEGUN: You can go anywhere. Just clear out of my sight. (She stands there akinbo) Get out of my sight this minute! (She walks away grudgingly) Like daughter like mother.
(He stands there akinbo too, shaking his entire body)
Do I blame the girl? Look at the mother, she is nowhere tobbe found. My own wife who at my good old days promised to go to the grave with me. But now, what is she doing, of course, she has abandoned me for rich men all over the town. She claimed she is a socialite, but a whore as far as I am concerned.
(Sudden knocks on the door)
Who is that for heaven’s sake. (Heavy knocks)
Break down the door if you want and it will stay broken.

(A strange face walks in)
Who are you and who are you looking for?
(The stranger looks at him mockingly)

PAKO (In huskish voice): Emi o so fe OSI o. Are you, Siege, Baba Temidire?

SEGUN (Laughs cynically): What a strange world we are in. A stranger, a mere thug dashing into my own house and asking me questions.

PAKO (Seriously): Alaye, Siege, abi ni ni won pe e. Emi o fe Osi o

SEGUN (Almost barking): Will you get out of my house?!

As suddenly as he appeared, he disappears. While Segun is still gasping, he appears again followed by a man expensively dressed and Esther Ayelabola, his wife.

CHIEF OLOWOLAGBA (To Esther): Is this ing that your former husband?

SEGUN (Shocked): What?! Your former husband?! Who are you people?!

CHIEF OLOWOLAGBA: Shut up! Shut up you dounce.

SEGUN: Get out of my house this very minute.
Esther, you brought these thugs to my house to insult me, hen?! You will pay for this by the time they leave

CHIEF OLOWOLAGBA (Mimicking mockly): You will pay for this by the time they leave. Who told you that she is going to stay here with you? And for calling me a thug, Pako, je ki o mo sara, shook him up a little.

Pako holds the stripes of his singlet, shakes him a little with some punches to his tommy after which he pushes him to the floor. Chief Olowolagba walks to him

Do you want to know who I am? I am Chief Beyioku Olowolagba, the Kowonjo of Idi-ose. The Gbesele of this town. You have the guts to tell me to get out of this house, is this even a house or toilet?. Who is your father in this town? (No response) Never mind. I have a mission here. And the mission is to tell you that I have put my leg on your wife. As from this very moment, she is no longer your wife but mine. Is that clear?

SEGUN (Feeble protest in fear): But you can’t! You just can’t do that! Esther, why?

CHIEF OLOWOLAGBA: Shut up. I will do more than that if you don’t shut up

PAKO: Agbaa, do I close his mouth patapata?

CHIEF OLOWOLAGBA: No, Pako. That is not our mission today. My new wife, go and show Pako where all your things are.

Esther and Pako exit while Segun looks helplessly where he is on the floor. Just then they enter with a small bag and a polythene bag


ESTHER: Yes, Chief. The remaining of my things are in my mother’s house

CHIEF OLOWOLAGBA: Pako, take them out. And you wretch, if you look for her again, then prepare to sign your end.

As they are about to move out, Temidire rushes in.


ESTHER: My daughter


ESTHER: Chief, this is my daughter I have been telling you about

CHIEF OLOWOLAGBA: Oooooh! What a beautiful girl

TEMIDIRE (Kneels): Good day, sir

CHIEF OLOWOLAGBA: Chief, not sir

TEMIDIRE: Good day, Chief

CHIEF OLOWOLAGBA: My daughter, Good day to you.
As from this day, your mother is my wife. Do you want to be staying here with your wretched father or you want to came to my place for abundant bliss?

Temidire looks from the father to the mother. Immediately, she rushes into the room, comes out with a small bag and rushes out. Chief Olowolagba holds Esther and together they move out. Segun, still on the floor, puts his finger in his mouth.


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