Years of Childhood

When I was a little lad
I wondered how big Your eyes were
They told me You watched everywhere
Your eyes would be countless microscopes
Always told that I could see you,
But I had to die like a ewe
I had often nudged my big brother
I knew that no one watched
No one noticed, not even mother
Countless time in the church,
I laughed at people who fell
Under the Holy Ghost.
When I was a little lad
My problems were small I see now
All my problems would be solved ultimately
If I knew how to write and read perfectly,
Then Mama would never need call strangers
If I could make a lot of uplifting A’s,
Then mangy popinjays could never mock
If my half-eaten pen could be raised in classes,
Then the whole pupils would watch the boy on glasses
Gibbering complex yet simple interesting answers
That had always made me feel like a “big-man-pickin”,
Because I naively thought they knew everything.
When I was a little fille
I wondered how big You were
They told me you were as big as the world
That you are everything, even the air I breathed
That You could not be compared with anything
Your voice a thunder and your cough a lightning
I laid down on the grasses at nights
To count the plentiful and innumerable stars
A calmer to the mind yet stress to the eyes
The moon’s beam of light gives energy to the playing children,
And chameleons the joyous nights to sour days
Oh! I wished morning never came
I wished God made me godlike.

When I was a little fille
I had all it took to get what I wanted
A frail formidable weapon nature provided
All I had to do was point things I needed
I sometimes wondered why we lived in small house
Showed them a lot of persuasions and convincingness
I wanted us to move into one of the bigger houses
No matter how I used my weapon and skills
No matter how I shed pulchritudinous tears
No matter how hard I hit myself on the ground
That was the only war I couldn’t win
Now I know I fought senselessly.


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