Children From the Streets by Favour Ugwumba.

Young we are.
Our stories we don’t know.
Our origin we fight to educe.
The world has made us intrepid.
We are now mandated to beg.
Survival is all we seek.
We are not maniacs.
We are just children.
Without love, care and a home.
Believed to be otiose.
If only we could be loved,
if only we could be accepted,
if only we could be helped.
But no!
Everyone thinks we are bad omen.
Our fate lies in your hands.
We dance to the rhythm
of sadness.
The song of sorrow is the music
on our lips.
In our journey to be accepted,
we live under the bridges
and every corner of the street.
We are homeless but not
Convivial atmosphere we need
free from inhuman condition.
Destiny has made us poor.
Life has made us wretched.
Fate has made us beggars.
But as utopians,
we know that time will change
our uselessful life
We dream to be doctors,
we wish to be orators.
Give us the chance to be
what we want to be,
take us, help us and love us
Life can be fun
but with our wretched lifestyle.
We can’t anything good.
Our best clothes are the rags
of the rich.
Our best shoes are our legs
save us!
We are not far from you.
We are you friends,
begging anything and everything,
for we are nothing less
than the children from the corners
of your street
who seek food, care, love and
a home.


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