Anyikwa Energy File Notation

The wavelength/position of the components of the Spectrum(ROYGBIV) depends on the energy of the photon of light.
Red light has the longest wavelength because the energy it absorbs per photon of light is very high. Red Light requires very little amount of energy to boost it to visible spectrum.
Supposing, a photon has energy;
Then, the minimum energy required by the photon(red) is
Ex=hfo -hfr
hfr=Er and hfo= Eo
Er is minimum energy of the red light.
Eo is total energy of the photon.
Exo is Planck’s Constant multiplied by the individual frequencies of the photon.
From assumptions made on 150903.
It can be drawn that supposing
is shone against a bright white light.
Then, the equation of the energy Su becomes
Er + Eo
But, Eo= Er + Ex
:· Er + Er + Ex
2Er + Ex= New energy= EN
Therefore, Red, Orange or yellow is seen as the case may be.
Ex > ER/O/Y
If the colors are Blue, Indigo or Violet.
Ex < EB/I/V
Using ROYGBIV and assigning 1233467 to each of the following Initials such that Red which is R becomes 1.
EB= 5/7 of Eo
7EB= 5Eo
7EG = 4Eo


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