The Dark Con of Man

Life is like a scarlet opera with its glory of the sun in blue.
With doors and windows fragile to the evil that stream through.
The era of sin is as the dawn of Man.
The peak of the cover up in human history is our con.
So true the con of man that we slay for it.
Our indulgence is like a lipstick smudge.
Blurry to the common mind.
Blurse! Oh Blurse.
What we mistake for a woe is no foe.
Only the keepers know the phony light in man.
Apocalyptic sayings are not allied to the con.
What we speak of is so grand that ye olde speak of it unavowedly a whisper.
Truism is thy word not so false a great lie- the word of man.
Men of the shadow speak of it as an undue tale of holy plot.
The tale I tell is not of the ordinary.
True blue. Oh! True blue.


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